Vipassana | Zazen | Kyol Che
Duration: 3-7 days – for dates check Schedule.

These ancient meditation techniques in the Buddhist and Zen tradition use different tools for awareness. The main tool in Vipassana is the breath. It can be focused on different parts of the body, e.g. the rise and fall of the belly, or cold air coming in and warm air going out of the nose. In Vipassana one sits with eyes closed, in Zazen they are open and unfocused while facing the wall.

zen stoneIn Kyol Che one sits facing the wall with open or closed eyes and usually works with a koan from the Dharma combat tradition to break through the limiting frames of mind or works with a mantra to occupy the thinking mind. All retreats happen in silence. The only time to speak is in Dokusan, the interview with the teacher, or during the chanting.


The days are structured around the sitting meditations where the body is kept still. The sittings are followed by periods of walking meditation. In Vipassana and Zazen you walk in your own rhythm. In Kyol Che you walk in a line following the footsteps of the person in front of you. Eating and working are other daily activities and happen in silence. Chanting and bowings are additional tools used in the retreats. Meals are vegetarian.

All methods used, intend to create distance from the habitual way of living and to gain a new perspective of experiencing oneself and others, to be more present here and now, to be more in ones senses – enjoying a resourceful, conscious aliveness.

Individual Retreats

Duration: 3 to 21 days

zen stoneIn a wooden hut – named Lalla after the naked woman from Kashmir – overlooking a valley of ancient olive trees, you can go in and spent time totally with yourself, away from any impositions from the outside.
A Zen path for walking meditation runs from the hut into the trees. For longer walks plenty of nature is all around.

The place is pleasantly peaceful and secluded. You have your own sheltered outdoor shower (hot water of course) and toilet with unique view.

There is a common structure in these retreats but there is space to structure your day according to your needs – like time and type of meals, additional meditations etc. The food provided will be light and vegetarian. There is possibility for Osho's Active Meditations™: Dynamic (silent version), Kundalini, Nadabrahma or Gibberish as well as working meditation in the garden exists.

As facing oneself in solitude can be challenging at times meditation counselling with Ganga is available at request. You will be in silence and isolation. Times for retreats are from May to November and need to be arranged in advance.

“Life without Zazen is like winding your clock without setting it. It runs perfectly well, but is doesn’t tell time.”

Shunryu Suzuki,
20th century