Bringing Meditation into Daily Life
Duration: 3-7 days – for dates check Schedule.

creativityOver the years many participants expressed their wish to bring the presence, sensitivity, spontaneity, playfulness and clarity of vision experienced in the retreat into their daily life.

They also mentioned their concern to fall back into old patterns of behavior all too soon after the retreat. The intention of this program is to anchor this inner expansion into ones daily life in a playful but effective and long lasting way. It wants to open new horizons. It wants to experiment with the New and Unknown. It wants to expand the trust and love for oneself. Basically it wants nothing less but to “reach out for the impossible before breakfast” (Osho).

calligraphyIt doesn’t intent to create experts. It rather enjoys deliciously alive human beings who are content and happy in themselves because they dared to explore the inner. There they found what their gifts and talents are.

Reading biographies of geniuses and artist what strikes is the playful and often even accidental approach with the subject. They seem not to be afraid to give it a go, to try out the unusual and move into the unknown. “He who dares, wins!”

And how is this related to meditation? Inquiring into "who am I?" is one thing but actually living it is another matter. Only when the two come together an acceptance and relaxation into being here and now is possible and that is meditation.


If not mentioned otherwise the participation in the Awareness Intensive or Silent Meditation Retreat before the program is a prerequisite.

“Friend, jump into existence while you are alive. Understand and be while you are alive. What you call ‘salvation’ belongs to the time before death.”

15th century