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Awareness Intensive
Awareness Intensives, Essence work and more in Italy.
Awareness Intensives with Rakendra
Satori and Who Is In? Retreats, Boulder USA
Enlightenment Intensives, USA


Personal Growth Work
Hara Awareness, Katsugen Undo, Meditation with Anando Würzburger.
Sacred Movements with Jivan.
Sacred Movements with Vasanti.
The Mu Institute with Kapil, Komala and Kranto.
All about Avikal E. Costantino.
Essence & Transformation with Upchara
Craniosacral therapy in Italy with Kapil


Music for meditation

Centers for Transformation & Meditation
Osho International Foundation in Pune, India.
Osho Center in Czech Republik.
Osho Center in Denmark.
Italy, Bagni di Lucca,Tuscany.
Osho Institute in Cologne, Germany
Osho Center close to Verona.
Osho Center in the middle of Tuscany.
Osho Center on Lesbos, Greece.
Seminarhouse & Osho Place


Osho Books & more
News, gossip and books from the world of Osho.
Viha offers materials on Osho dynamic meditation including Osho Rajneesh books, Osho DVDs, Osho meditation CDs, videos and other Tantra books.
Everything from the world of Osho.
Online Magazin for Meditation

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