General Information

olive treesCorfu is the largest of the Ionian islands of Greece. It is situated at the mouth of the Adriatic Sea opposite Sicily. Corfu town, built by the Venetians in the 13th century, still has the flavor of the Italian influence as well as the warm coloring of the houses on the island. It is called ‘The Green Island’ due to its literally millions ancient old untrimmed olive trees and impressive thunderstorms.

The landscape offers everything from wild cliffs for hang gliders to flat pastures, from wide sandy beaches to small secluded bays for love birds.

Kerkyra is the Greek name of the island and the name of its international airport with charter flights from all over Europe and national flights to Athens and other destinations. Corfu is also connected to many Greek and Italian cities by ferries.


sunsetArillas is a small village, found on the northwest corner of the map and is so far quite undiscovered by the mainstream tourism. It has two meditation oriented holiday resorts, Alexis Zorbas and Ouranus Club and a new hall especially built for Gurdjieff Movements.
A small community of sannyasin friends is spread out and yet nearby.

“Life is an adventure, an ongoing adventure, a continuous adventure into the unknown.”