Awareness Intensive Training 2018
with Jivan, Avikal and Ganga
21 days
Module I
12-18 April 2018 | with Ganga & Jivan | Slovenia
Module II
16-23 Sept 2018 | with Ganga & Jivan | Slovenia
Module III
1-7 May 2019 | with Ganga & Avikal | Slovenia

The inquiry into Who Am I? and Who Is In? is the very heart of all human inquiry.

It penetrates to the core. It helps to let go of what is non-essential. It lets you discover love, truth, joy. It widens your perspective and supports you through interconnectedness. It gives you access to your ressources and allows you to live with true authority. And you will relax and experience yourself directly.

Opening up in the presence of another melts away layers of protectedness and intensifies the incentive to inquire into who you truly are; the never ending mystery. By combining the ancient technique of facing the wall in silence with the modern technique of structured communication with a partner a powerful tool for self-exploration has been created.

The Training is for everybody who has taken part in Awareness Intensives (Who is in? and/or Satori) and wants to deepen their understanding of themselves and the process, acquire the skill to lead Who Is In?, and/or learn to communicate with awareness and in a mature way.

riding the bullThe Training has three parts of 7 days each spread over one year to give time for participation and inquiry in as many Awareness Intensive processes as possible. Each Module combines days of self inquiry with teachings – nothing more valuable than your own experience!


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“Each of you is perfect the way you are…and you can use a little improvement.”

Shunryu Suzuki,
20th century