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Who am I?

What is this all about? What are my gifts? What is my potential?

What is this all about? What are my gifts?
What is my potential?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. The core of the Academy's program are the Satori and the Who is In? retreats.

Who is in? and Satori are the short and the long version of the Awareness Intensive Retreats (AIR). At the heart of AIR is the recognition of ones Essence / Being / Consciousness / True Self which we share and live in with every sentient being on this awe inspiring precious universe.

They provide a space to go in, to move away from the hectic pace of life and to remember yourself.

It is a journey of coming home through self inquiry. Most of us long to find inner peace and a joyful connection with ourselves, others and life.

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Awareness Intensive Training 2024/25

with Ganga, Pramod & Vardha

The Training is for everybody who has taken part in Awareness Intensives Retreats (AIR) and wants to deepen their understanding of themselves and the process. You will acquire the tools to facilitate Who Is In? and you will learn a lot about communicating in a more aware, mature, and spontaneous way.

Awareness Intensive Training