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Vipassana | Zazen

Ancient methods to stimulate Mindfulness

Ancient methods to stimulate Mindfulness

The main tool in Vipassana is awareness of the breath. It can be focused on different parts of the body, e.g. the rise and fall of the belly, or the nose, cold air coming in, warm air going out.

In Vipassana one sits with eyes closed. In Zazen they are open and unfocused while facing the wall, just being there.

The days are structured around the sitting meditations where the body is kept still. The sittings are followed by periods of walking meditation. Everybody walks in their own rhythm.

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All methods used carry the intention to create a distance from habitual ways of living and to gain a new perspective of experiencing oneself and others, learn to focus and be more present in the here and now, to be more in ones senses, developing a friendly relationship with oneself - enjoying a more present, resourceful, conscious aliveness. Ole!

Eating and working and other daily activities happen in silence. All Meals are vegetarian.

Duration: 3-7 days – for dates check calendar.