ganga and avikal sitting on a matress


Walking the Path of Inquiry

Walking the Path of Inquiry

portrait of Avikal E. Constanntino

Avikal E. Costantino the founder of the Integral Being Institute and facilitates the Satori and Awareness Intensive retreats as well as groups and trainings on Essence, Superego, Ennegram and Self-Inquiry.

He is also a Life- coach working with presence, leadership and conflict resolution in Europe and Australia. More info on Intergral Being website.

portrait of Jivan Sunder

Jivan Sunder trained in Counselling at Osho Multiversity, Pune, India and in various aspects of Humanistic Psychology - Encounter, Primal, Emotional Release work - at the Humaniversity Institute in Holland.

He has been leading Awareness Intensives and Gurdjieff Movements Workshops since 1993 worldwide. More info on Gurdjieff Movements website.

portrait of Dražen Pramod Sivak

Dražen Pramod Šivak

…is a professional actor and theatre artist, working in theatre and cinema, working with acting as a tool in meditation, body awareness and education.

His interest and passion, beside theatre, are meditation, Argentine tango and clowning. He is trained in facilitating Awareness Intensive retreats and giving Inner judge individual sessions. More info on Art Of Now.

portrait of Mouji Kochs

Mouji Kochs

...holds an MA in Social Education. She works individually and in groups with Rhythm-, Music- and Art Therapy, Coaching and Team Development.

Her special interests are Meditation, Palliative Care and Clowning Workshops. She runs her own private practice. More on Info about her work on Mouji's website.

portrait of Ramananda

Ramananda working as an Naturopath in his own practice with Akupunktur, Shiatsu and Cranio. He is trained in facilitating Awareness Intensive retreats and leads Trainings in Meditation, Akupressur and Communication.

Musik and gardening are his passions. More info on Naturheilpraxis.